Clamping / Locating Right Angle - 600 mm Tall
modular table clamping locating angle
3D modular weld table angle

Clamping / Locating Right Angle - 600 mm Tall

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Clamping and locating angle is used to sustain the workpiece at right angles. It can be installed on the top surface or four sides of the fixture to extend the length of working table. Besides good appearance, high durability, the
supporting angle iron can avoid welding spatters and is hard and has high stiffness. Supporting Angle Iron can be used to locate workpiece, extend working table, and support accessories.

The four working surfaces of supporting angle iron have the following functions:

  • Extending the length of working table and facilitating fixing and clamping workpieces.
  • Can be adjusted flexibly for locating workpieces.
  • Locating large workpieces when being laid on the top surface of sides of the fixture.

Includes grid lines.  Recommend ordering in pairs.

Modular Table - Clamping / Locating Right Angle - 600 mm Tall